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How we eat

Posted by Jeanne on September 20, 2009

This weekend has been insane – I don’t know what it is about September 19th, but we had four birthday parties to go to yesterday.  At one of them, the hostess remarked that there was food in the kitchen, but that it wasn’t as fancy as the food we normally cook.  She looked almost nervous when she said it, and it bummed me out.

I don’t think we eat all that “fancy” normally.  But we do eat at home almost every night, and we’re usually eating food I prepared.  We are able to do that because I am a psychotic planner, and because we have a well-stocked pantry and freezer.

I try to shop mostly at CostCo and plan meals around those items – I hate shopping for groceries and this enables me to go to the store as little as possible. We make a CostCo run about every 2 weeks (we buy coffee there – their house brand fair trade coffee is about $10 for 2 lbs.  I am a coffee brat so this is a huge savings for us.) and about every other time we go there we buy a whole ton of stuff.

Curt goes to the farmer’s market every weekend and we have a good-sized garden, which helps fill in the edges.  Then I look at what we’ve got to use up and what else we have available, and I make a “menu” of sorts.

The menu is just a list of things that we can make with items we have on hand. Usually I will put six to eight items on the menu… For example, this week’s menu is:

  • Rosemary chicken & rice casserole (from the book I just got)
  • Pasta with mushroom ragu (sauce based on this recipe)
  • Chicken tortilla soup
  • Cassoulet (made with Silvia beans from Rancho Gordo and some turkey kielbasa)
  • Turkey burgers + grilled eggplant salad
  • Baked risotto with chard, beets, and beet greens (I know, I know, there is no such thing as baked risotto.  But it’s easy and turns out really great and you don’t have to stir and stir and stir… Totally cheating but really good.)

Is that fancy?  I don’t think of any of it as particularly fancy.  Tasty, and some of the recipes are time-consuming, but none of it very fancy.

Oh, and I should mention this here – if you invite me for dinner, I am happy to be served anything you want to put in front of me.  I love to cook, but I also love to eat, and I love eating food that I didn’t make.

Whether it’s “fancy” or not.


One Response to “How we eat”

  1. jmlc said

    It all sounds wonderful and strangely similar to the menus around our place- we’ve been called fancy, too, though I don’t feel it either.

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