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Sunday night casserole & tomato sauce

Posted by Jeanne on September 20, 2009

Not together.

The casserole is from page 187 of this book.  Not much to look at, but really tasty.


See?  How much more beige can you get?

And I made tomato sauce – it’s from the Staff Lasagne recipe in this book – with a bunch of tomatoes from our garden.


Chopping flurry!  Like on Iron Chef!


Basically, you cook onions and garlic in olive oil until soft, and add some tomato paste and cook for 10 minutes.  Then you add chopped tomatoes and simmer for a couple of hours over low heat.  Finish it with some fresh basil and oregano, and that’s it.

My crappy camera is unable to convey how awesome this sauce is.


It’s a little pale because I used so many yellow tomatoes.  But this sauce makes jarred tomato sauce taste like ketchup – it’s really pure and tomato-y, not sweet.

2 Responses to “Sunday night casserole & tomato sauce”

  1. Naomi said

    Well I THOUGHT about making my own tomato sauce yesterday…I guess that is the difference between you & me! And the casserole was OK? Relief! (Please send me the weird Finnish recipe. And let me know how YOUR biryani turns out!)

    • Jeanne said

      She introduces “Beef Casseroles” by talking about church cookbooks. And then there is a Finnish cabbage casserole that is also called Kaalilaatikko. Should be lots of fun…

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