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Fresh pasta

Posted by Jeanne on October 13, 2009

We made fancy food on Saturday – this was the menu:


FL means French Laundry, and I actually managed to make the recipe without major modifications – I did use a bit more water than it originally called for, and I kneaded the dough in the KitchenAid and not by hand… but I swear, no more changes.


Six egg yolks, one egg, salt, water, olive oil… that’s it.  It is shockingly good pasta, and it is only made better by filling it with or covering it with good things.


Unfortunately, my KitchenAid does not have a pasta attachment, so we have to use the annoying pasta rolly thing (better than a rolling pin, I suppose…) that will not clamp to my butcher block because it is too deep, woe is me.  Also woe is my sister who had to help.


Cutting fettucini.  We made this sauce to go with it – it really is AMAZING on the fresh pasta.  On dried it was just ok.  Also, in the photo I took it looks like a bowl of something terrible, so you can’t see it yet.

We also made ravioli, stuffed with some sweet potatoes from the garden.  The potatoes are kind of weird looking.


But they really taste amazing.


Pasta with sweet potato filling – we roasted and peeled the sweet potatoes, then mashed them with a bit of salt and pepper.  I added some flour to keep them together inside the ravioli, and that is it.


Pressing the pasta around the ravioli to get the air out and make delicious little pockets.

I tried to make a sage cream sauce for the ravioli, but it sucked.  Oh well.


The rest was extremely delicious.

How to clean an artichoke, Mother Nature’s best joke, and pictures of apple crisp up next!

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