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Going out: The Boiler Room Restaurant

Posted by Jeanne on October 24, 2009

We had dinner at The Boiler Room last night.  It was phenomenal – the best meal I’ve had in a long time.

The wine list is extensive, and considering I usually shop for wine by price and pretty label I was very happy they have a sommelier.  The plates don’t follow the typical Omaha restaurant tactic of serving you food as far as the eye can see – the servings were of reasonable size.   Everything was beautifully presented and delicious.

We had:

  • Grilled octopus starter – with green tomatoes and a bean ragu (Really great – tender and smoky, tasty but not chewy or tough.  And the beans were perfect.  I heart beans.).
  • Charcuterie plate – rilletes, jambon de paris, crespon, and pate de maison (Only blip – waiter told us the arugula salad in the center of the plate was kale.  Very odd.).
  • Duck confit with squash puree, chestnuts, kale, and mustard vinaigrette (slam dunk).
  • Pot roasted stuffed quail  (it was stuffed with kale and boudin blanc) with roasted carrots, fingerling confit, lardon, and onions (Also delicious, but served in a tiny pot that made it really difficult to take apart the bird.  Also, the pot was screaming hot so you couldn’t touch it.  The sauce was amazing though – earthy and rich and with a hint of allspice or nutmeg.)
  • Espresso pots de creme (very espresso-y and not too sweet).

We also split a bottle of wine – Vinchio-Vaglio Serra, Superiore Frazioni Nizza Laudana 2005 (Italian).  I never would have chosen it because it is Italian, but it was a really nice wine and paired well with the dishes.

Will definitely go again.


One Response to “Going out: The Boiler Room Restaurant”

  1. Naomi said

    So JEALOUS! You & Bourdain would have killed us as we ate at Champp’s AND Chevy’s this weekend! Let’s just say my dining experience was a little different from yours…

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