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Weekly menu – November 15

Posted by Jeanne on November 15, 2009

We have not been seriously grocery shopping in almost four weeks.  We’ve been on a couple of quick runs to pick up a few things – milk, fruit, some cilantro and scallions – but no big shopping trip.  The pickings are a bit slim, but because Thanksgiving is coming I wanted to clear out the freezer and the pantry a bit.

This week’s menu:

  1. Bacon & egg bagel sandwiches
  2. Freezer dinner (we’ve got some fried rice in the freezer that I think needs to be eaten)
  3. Sriracha glazed chicken + broccoli + rice (I’ll write a post about this one later this week – it’s based on this recipe but I make quite a few modifications)
  4. Sweet potato, corn & jalapeno bisque (from this recipe)
  5. Pasta + shrimp fra diavolo
  6. Baked beans over garlic mashed potatoes (from this post)

Simple stuff – hopefully it’ll be good.  Happy Sunday!


One Response to “Weekly menu – November 15”

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