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Super Bowl

Posted by Jeanne on November 18, 2009

I should be posting more often.  Unfortunately, all of the food we’re making this week is pretty boring.  Also, I cannot think of anything but Thanksgiving.

I am SO EXCITED for Thanksgiving.  This holiday?  This is my Super Bowl – so much so that we plan to host another Thanksgiving dinner in February.

What we’re making:

  • Cider-brined turkey – we ordered the turkey from the lovely folks at Tomato Tomato, who got it from the Wattermans.
  • Bread dressing (I don’t do stuffing, because we always brine the turkey.  Also because Alton Brown says stuffing is evil.  I will do anything Alton says.  Call me!).  I am making the bread this weekend, and will add turkey stock, celery, garlic, onions, and mushrooms.
  • Glazed carrots (probably just with butter, maybe a little garam masala for fun?).
  • Roasted brussels sprout, from the garden.  They are nature’s alien vegetables.

Even Kira is suspicious.

  • Mashed potatoes.
  • Turnip & celeraic gratin (I got both from the co-op and can’t wait to try them).
  • Some kind of cranberry relish-type thing – not sure what yet.  Last year I did a cranberry/orange gelatin that had the feel of the jiggly canned stuff (completely smooth texture, jelled) but the total lack of can flavoring.  It was pretty cool.  Will have to think about that one again.
  • Appetizers?  Bread?  Salad?  Do we need those?  Probably… crap.
  • Dessert – I am thankful my inlaws are bringing dessert, since we will have neither oven nor counter space to spare.  Yay!

That should be enough for eight adults, right?

I hope so.  I could roast some sweet potatoes just in case…

I promise to post something of substance eventually.  But right now I have to figure out appetizers, so please excuse the total lack of content this week.

And tell me what you’re making!


4 Responses to “Super Bowl”

  1. rosamanda said

    I will be attempting Kachtan (sp? also, there are sev. ways to say it in French). It’s a meat spread that ry’s grandma used to make him. You spread it on crackers. Also, I’m the dessert person this year and I thought it would be fun to do pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread…for your spread, I think Beer bread would be amazing – especially along side whatever cranberry concoction you come up with.

  2. Adam said

    Who are you hosting Thxgvng for?

    Scott came up with a menu, and the highlight is the Bacon-Infused Turkey. I’ve a cup of bacon grease and a pound of bacon ready to go!

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