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Posted by Jeanne on February 10, 2010

My brain, that is.  We are going out of town tomorrow to visit some fabulous friends, and unfortunately this means:

  1. I have been working like crazy; and
  2. We have been eating freezer food.

I promise to be a better blogger when I return from New England.

In the meantime, this is what we’ve eaten this week so far:

  1. Erik’s ridiculous chili.  So good but such a pain in the ass to make.  Totally, totally worth the effort.  Also, I won third place in a competition on Super Bowl Sunday with this chili!
  2. Sweet potato & corn soup (also frozen) and some toasted bread.
  3. Les Halles boeuf bourguignon, made a couple of weeks ago – I froze half of it and reheated.  Did not suffer from being frozen at all.
  4. Tamales (also frozen) with black beans and brown rice and salsa.

Wish us luck getting out of our own frozen tundra and going to someone else’s tomorrow!


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