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Chili competition

Posted by Jeanne on February 20, 2010

I am not much of a sports fan.  I tend to actively avoid most sporting events, except March Madness, and then only when Marquette gets it together to make it into the tournament.

The Super Bowl is no exception – I am totally uninvested in the winner and until yesterday wasn’t even sure which teams were playing.  But it was an excellent excuse to make a huge amount of chili, take it up to Jake’s, and try and win something.

The beginning of The Chili

I made this recipe – but I screwed it up and added more liquid this time.  The flavor was there but the texture was more like a soup than a thick chili.

I got third – I blame the texture issue.  But hell, I did win something!  And I got to try a lot of chili – the first place winner was PHENOMENAL.

Next year… next year, that title is mine!


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