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Decadent Bourdain dinner

Posted by Jeanne on March 3, 2010

We were in Massachusetts for Valentine’s Day – I lived in western Mass. briefly shortly after graduating from college, and my amazing friends Erika and Peter still live out there.  They had their first baby in October and it was high time we got out to visit.

The trip out was a bit of a fiasco – we spent an impromptu night (sans luggage) in a Best Western in Detroit, courtesy of Delta Airlines and the fabulous weather.  We actually arrived in Albany, NY instead of Hartford, CT on Friday, February 12th.  Erika picked us up (at their quite lovely airport) and we were off for a weekend of good shopping, good friends, and really great eating.

Sunday night was the crowning glory – the all-Les Halles Cookbook Bourdain dinner.

The menu, with some commentary and a few photos:

Asparagus & haricots verts salad, p. 062

I think this is going to be the salad of this summer – it’s so easy to make, and it seems like there are a million was to modify it.

Onion soup les halles, p. 045 – 046

The onions took much, much longer to carmelise than indicated in the recipe.  But we kept at it, thankful we started very early, and all was well.

Slab bacon is a gift from the gods.

Holiday-themed cookware!  Wrong holiday… oh well.

Petatou, p. 096 – 097

Tasty but quite olivey – something important if only 25% of the people at your table like olives.

I scored a ton of olives.  I heart olives.

Steak au poivre, p. 130 – 131

If one is lacking the requisite cookware for a dish like this, one may substitute the lid of their gargantuan cast-iron dutch oven.

There are no other pictures.  It was THAT good, and it was gone that fast.


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