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Little bites

Posted by Jeanne on April 29, 2010

I started  a catering company a couple of weeks ago. This may mean I am insane.  Or just can’t deal with having only one job?

I haven’t really talked about it here yet – I wanted the website to get up and running and get some things in motion before posting things here.  But the time has come to introduce you to Jeanne Cooks World.

Last night was a big night – Julie has been working on the World Environment Day Omaha series of events.  There are seven weeks of events, and this week is arts week. Last night there was a panel discussion and performance at Kaneko about Arts and the Environment.  And I made everyone snacks!

Corn tortillas, black bean puree, roasted corn salsa.

Polenta triangles, goat cheese, roasted red pepper.

I also made these flourless honey-roasted peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies – quite a mouthful!  Also incredibly delicious.

Thanks to Julie for coordinating a wonderful event, and for giving me the opportunity to cook for everyone at last night’s event!

Also thanks to the performers for the face paint.  An awesome evening.


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