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The plan – May 31st to June 12

Posted by Jeanne on June 1, 2010

I don’t usually plan our meals this far in advance.  But we’re going to be in Minneapolis from the 3rd to 6th, and I really wanted to make sure when we get back things go smoothly.  We also have quite a few things in the freezer that need to be used up to make room for the garden produce!

Monday, May 31 (Memorial Day) – grilled Middle Eastern-spiced chicken + carrot salad with harissa, feta, and mint

Tuesday, June 1 – Food & Spirits Magazine is sponsoring Omaha’s Largest Pizza Review at the Waiting Room.  This is the article from last year’s event – so excited for this year!

Wednesday, June 2nd – Korean grilled chicken thighs + bi bim guksu.

Thursday, June 3rd – we’re driving to Minneapolis and having dinner at Subo.  I really hope the patio is open and that the food is as good as it sounds – I’ve never had Filipino food in a restaurant before.

Friday, June 4th – Thai lunch at some place where Naomi is obsessed with their papaya salad.  Dinner with my classmate from law school Cagney; we’re discussing sushi but it’s not clear yet where we’ll go.

Saturday, June 5th – catering Mitch’s graduation party!  It’s an afternoon cocktail party and we’re making:

  • Lamb lollipops with mint yogurt dipping sauce
  • Chicken sate with peanut sauce
  • Peppered tuna skewers with wasabi mayonnaise
  • Caprese skewers with reduced balsamic
  • Herbed summer rolls with peanut sauce
  • Antipasti crostini

Then somehow we’re going to have dinner at 9:30 at Bar La Grassa.  I’m still not entirely sure how we’re going to manage it all.

Sunday, June 6th to Saturday, June 12th – we’ll return to Omaha on Sunday.  I think we’ll do a freezer-heavy week so we don’t have to go to the store after driving for six hours.

  • Baked beans with andouille (over brown rice this time)
  • Hainan chicken & rice
  • Gumbo (will have to make rice for this one)
  • Mapo tofu + rice (we’ll actually have to cook this one but we already have all the ingredients)
  • EZE’s super spicy chili
  • Hokkien mee with chicken & shrimp

Then on Saturday the 12th, Curt will be watching the World Cup, drinking beer, and yelling “GOALGOALGOAL” at the television.  I will be going to a fashion show to creepy-stalk Stella from Project Runway season 5.  We’ll both figure out food somewhere in there.

Posting may be sparse, but I’ll do what I can.


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