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Week of June 13th

Posted by Jeanne on June 14, 2010

This is going to be a busy week – I have a new yoga class starting tonight, a dinner thing on Wednesday, and a meeting from 5 to 7 on Thursday night.  Lots of freezer food and leftovers for us!  Good to get the freezer cleared out a bit though before we get too much farther into summer and need the space for greens and tomatoes.

Sunday – cochinita pibil (post later this week) plus corn tortillas, a jicama/carrot slaw with an orange/chipotle dressing, and pickled red onions. 

Monday – veggie paella from the freezer.

Tuesday – saag tofu made with greens from the garden – we have spinach, beet greens, and chard.

Wednesday – I have a dinner thing at 6 and Curt will have chicken and sausage gumbo (from the freezer) over rice.

Thursday – I have a meeting from 5 to 7 so this is just plain old leftovers… maybe more gumbo?  Maybe the saag tofu?

Friday – grilled sirloin quesadillas (need to use up the corn tortillas) plus some beans and rice. 

Hopefully I can get some posts up in the middle of all that.  Have a good week, everyone!


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