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Fridge Friday 1: Inaugural Post

Posted by Jeanne on June 17, 2010

I have fallen prey to peer pressure.  Just Fran of On My Plate twisted my arm.

Not really.  But she did suggest that she would like to see pictures of other people’s fridges, so I took some.

I think the idea is that you’ll make something photo-worthy out of the stuff in your fridge.  I promise to make something – but I can’t promise it’ll be photo-worthy.  I will be busy digging a hole in the yard.

See the highly illuminated pyrex on the top shelf?   That has a frozen 1 lb. 9 oz. sirloin in it.  Do you see the stack of corn tortillas on the middle shelf to the right?  Maybe not, they’re sort of hard to see.

These things will be turned into steak quesadillas to eat while we dig a hole in the yard.  Eventually, the hole in the yard will become a brick patio and we’ll do fun things like toast marshmallows in the backyard.  I’ll make the marshmallows.  And maybe the graham crackers.

So that’s tomorrow.  Steak quesadillas.  Also beans and rice and salsa, but only the salsa is in the fridge.

My favorite items in the fridge:

Kind of pretty, eh?  Three containers – tofu, egg yolks, pickled red onions. Also some jalapeno jelly I got from a coworker in the background – little jelly jars are so adorable.

The tofu is for either mapo tofu or saag tofu next week.  Egg yolks for a ravioli experiment inspired by Bar La Grassa and this post, and the pickled red onions will probably just be eaten with a fork standing in front of the fridge.  I like pickled things.

So that’s our fridge.


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