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Planning & musings

Posted by Jeanne on June 20, 2010

I have quite a few things in the works in my head, but I can’t quite seem to get them out of my head and into my kitchen.  Like the pasta I mentioned in the Fridge Friday post – I have a good idea how I want to make it.  But something just isn’t there and I’m not ready yet.  Hopefully soon.

I’m also thinking about ways to umami vegan food (miso paste?), ice cream with a savory element, and homemade graham crackers.

Until then, there may not be very many posts, and the posts may not be all that interesting.

This week, we will get broccoli (and worms.  Damn worms), zucchini, kale and chard, and cucumbers from the garden.  Our meal plan for the week:

Pasta with broccoli and chickpeas

Chicken & zucchini red curry + rice

Portuguese green soup

Shrimp & broccoli stir-fry + rice

Korean grilled chicken + cucumber salad

Hummus, pita, and carrot/harissa salad

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