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Fridge Friday 2

Posted by Jeanne on June 25, 2010

As predicted, this week has been a bit of a bust with posting.

There hasn’t been much cooking, there has been even less photographing, and I am having massive computer troubles that make me very, very concerned for the life span of my circa April 2006 laptop.

Nevermind that.  Fridge Friday, off we go!  Now that my USB ports work again and everything is backed up…

It’s kind of hard to take an even halfway decent picture of the inside of a refrigerator.

Items of note, proceeding clockwise-ish from upper right corner:

  • Goslings.  Best ginger beer EVER.  Curt is utterly obsessed with Moscow Mules this summer – we need copper cups.
  • Tower of containers – Portuguese green soup, pasta, and the very last of the lettuce from the garden.
  • Bag of orange juice – to be made into sorbet tonight.  This is why buying fruit in mass quantities is occasionally a poor idea.
  • Two cartons of eggs – my addiction to farm eggs grows weekly, to the point where now I am paranoid about running out and buy too many.
  • Nectarines and avocados – saved from moldering on the counter.  Avocados to be turned into guacamole for hungry people who are going to be digging our patio tomorrow, come hell or high water or EVEN MORE RAIN.

The most relevant items to Fridge Friday do not appear here.  That’s because they’re in a drawer:

Four cucumbers and a bag of broccoli from the garden.  Cucumbers will be part of lunch today, dipped in hummus like chips.  The broccoli will hopefully be turned into a broccoli/shrimp stir-fry.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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