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My grandmother’s not a pastry chef

Posted by Jeanne on July 1, 2010

“…and she can still make a pie.”

I love dessert challenges on Top Chef.  LOVE.  It’s so hilarious to see accomplished professional chefs sputtering about how they just don’t do pastry!  Pastry is impossible and horrible and no one can do it without years and years and years of practice!

Being a restaurant’s pastry chef is very, very different from being its chef chef, and I’m sure it’s intimidating.  Especially when you’re looking at the creations of Johnny Iuzzini, who is a James Beard-award winning pastry chef at Jean Georges.  Intimidating barely begins to cover it.

But for the love of dude.  IT’S JUST PIE.  I make pie. 

Out of pumpkins even!

Or a galette.

Or even a savory tart.

Seriously.  Even you can make pie! 

Start with this dough, or the dough in the book Ratio.  Make a filling.  Try it. 

If you don’t like it all that much, you still just made a pie and then you can make more.  It’s your pie and you can change it however you’d like! 

Now I want pie…


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