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Fridge Friday 3

Posted by Jeanne on July 2, 2010

Please excuse the utterly crappy photos – these were taken with my phone as I was leaving for work.  I realized the nagging “I should have done something last night.  What was it?” feeling was the realization I forgot to take photos of the fridge. 

I even had the camera out!  D’oh. 

I find it slightly depressing that this photo isn’t really much worse than the ones I take with my actual camera.  On the top shelf are two blue packages – those contain scallops and wild sockeye, destined for the grill tonight.

Also of note:  strainer full of cherries, container of last dregs of garden lettuce, container of leftover beet risotto, large quantity of milk. 

The fishes!  Can’t wait.  Tonight’s menu:

Grilled salmon & scallops


Herbed grill-roasted potatoes

Grilled zucchini (do we sense a theme emerging?)

Cucumber salad

Grilled peaches + vanilla ice cream

I’ll try to get some pictures, but I make no promises… Happy Friday everyone!


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