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The grand plan

Posted by Jeanne on July 4, 2010

I need to stop saying that I’m cooking ahead because I’m going to have a busy week. That phrase seems to imply that at some point, there will be a week where I look around and say, “Boy howdy, what am I going to do with all this free time?”

There are no un-busy weeks.  Also, I would never say “boy howdy.”  Ever.

So this week, we’ll eat:

Tonight we are grilling out with some friends – we’re bringing Italian sausage and a couple of sides, they are doing whatever meat and a dessert.  I made a blue-cheese coleslaw (I swear Ina Garten is trying to kill us all – I halved the mayo in the dressing recipe and there was still plenty of dressing…) and a potato salad with a bacon/mustard vinaigrette.

The rest of the week:

Steak & green chile enchiladas (frozen, made a few weeks ago)

Curried chicken + rice

Tortilla Espanola + sauteed kale (some from the garden and some from the co-op)

Saag tofu (made with half beet greens and half chard, both from the garden) + rice

Roasted garden veggie quiche, whatever is calling out later in the week.  Hopefully there will be some tomatoes to have with it!  I cannot wait for the tomatoes.

Also, I found a new fascination – Ethiopian food.  Need to find some reliable recipes, so if you have any please email me or leave me a comment.


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