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Egg pasta

Posted by Jeanne on July 19, 2010

This was one of my experiments from last weekend.  I think it turned out really well – the pasta needed to be a bit thinner but it had good flavor and the presentation was pretty cool.

Basically, I wanted to make something like this.

I used the pasta recipe in Ratio (a very Ruhlman day in the kitchen…).

Pasta, plus seasoned mascarpone cheese.

Plus egg yolks.  This was kind of tricky – I broke one setting it down (not pictured) and had to rush to get the pasta set around it so it wouldn’t ooze all over the counter.

Sealed them up (carefully, so as not to break another yolk).  I boiled them for about 2.5 minutes – the pasta was a bit thick so it was still overly al dente at that point.  I was really afraid the egg would be scrambling inside the ravioli.

Clearly, an unfounded fear.  Topped with a dollop of pesto from the garden, the mascarpone and egg yolk and fresh pasta were fabulous.  Now if I can just get the pasta right next time, it’ll be a home run.

Once I saw a guy tempura batter and fry an egg yolk on Iron Chef, so I want to try that too.  Oh yes, there will be fried egg yolks.


4 Responses to “Egg pasta”

  1. Jenny said

    Those look ah-mah-zing!

  2. Carrie said

    Those do look incredible. Damn. Also, do you like Ratio? I’ve been pondering it ever since a friend mentioned it to me recently.

    • Jeanne said

      I like Ratio – it’s a useful foundation book. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who wasn’t already fairly comfortable in the kitchen though – the recipes are designed to be flexible and I’ve found a lot of people are deeply afraid NOT to follow a recipe.

      Also, there are iPhone and Android apps available for Ratio now. Too bad I have a Blackberry…

  3. Oh this makes me want fresh pasta for dinner tonight. I don’t have the time for it that I used to, but you make a strong case to weave it into our menu more often. Pesto is no sweat (lots of basil in the garden), and I’m in the middle of a large order of marshmallows, which means I’m literally swimming in homeless egg yolks! Hmmm. Really great food for thought.


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