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Burger bash

Posted by Jeanne on July 28, 2010

These photos are a couple weeks old now – my last Fridge Friday post was the ingredients to make these burgers!

We had about 12 people over – so there was a LOT of food.  Megan had an idea to make Juicy Lucys (Lucies?) – burgers with cheese on the inside.

I used a 2 TB scooper so that all the burgers would be the same size.  Then Megan flattened them out with the bottom of a pint glass.

Once they were formed, it was just a matter of adding cheese and then sandwiching it tightly between two burger patties.

This is a blue cheese – we also used an extra-sharp cheddar.   The cheddar was not as successful (it melted completely – we shredded it; next time I think we will cube it so it doesn’t get so soft).

Tiny adorable breads!

The spread – this was about 3/4 of the burgers, we made the rest later that weekend and just ate them all week.  Also grilled sweet corn and a cucumber, tomato, and feta salad with a Greek vinaigrette.

I really wish I had a picture of a plated dish – it was pretty and tasty and just screamed summer BBQ.   I can’t wait to get back in front of the grill this weekend.

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