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Pizza brought to you by the letter Z

Posted by Jeanne on August 2, 2010

I apologize for the terribly disjointed nature of this post.  Work has been insane.  A good friend from law school was in town last weekend and we had A LOT of fun.  I’m tired.  So… yeah.  Bad post ahoy!

The garden is crazy.  CRAZY.  There have been so many zucchini and cucumbers we are eating them almost every day.  This weekend there will be at least one, maybe two batches of tomato sauce made.

Something I’ve been loving lately is homemade pizza.  I have been making this dough – I don’t have the 00 flour, so I just use 22 oz of all-purpose flour.

It’s going to sound incredibly ridiculous to say this, but this crust is seriously one of the better ones you can get in Omaha.  There is something weird about pizza here, and I am convinced that the problem is the dough – the flavor isn’t developed, it’s pale and undercooked or too fluffy and bread-like.  But you can make awesome pizza at home!

For the pizza above (still amoeba-like), I roasted some zucchini in olive oil and salt & pepper at 350F for about half an hour.  Took those out, cranked the oven to 450F, and added some mozzarella.

Sixteen minutes later, there we are.  Pizza, with zucchini and mozzarella and some chunky tomato sauce.  And little else.  It’s a beautiful thing.

On Saturday night, we grilled pizzas – they were ok.  I had Curt cook them on a screaming hot grill for 45 seconds each side, and then he took them off and we topped them with fresh sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.  We put them back on the grill for another 30 too 45 seconds?  Not very long, and they were still a little charred.

A little charred but very delicious.  Viva la homemade pizza!


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