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Orange sorbet

Posted by Jeanne on August 8, 2010

Holy shit, it is hotter than hell here.

But sorbet is nice and cold.

Curt actually made this – he’s definitely more the ice cream experimenter of our relationship.

2 cups water

1 cup sugar

Strips of lemon zest

Slices of fresh ginger

Pinch of salt

1 oz. triple sec

3 cups freshly squeezed orange juice

0.33 cup lemon juice

Bring sugar and water to a boil; cook until dissolved.  Add lemon, ginger, salt, and triple sec and steep in the refrigerator until chilled.

Squeeze orange and lemon juice, combine, and chill.  Strain the sugar syrup mixture into the juice mixture and freeze in your favorite ice cream maker until firm.

Curt has been mixing it with vanilla ice cream to make a creamsicle type thing.  I only ate a tiny bit – I don’t really like extremely cold things – and it’s very, very tasty.  All cold sweetness and oranges with a bit of lemon and ginger.

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