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WW, week 1 and Fridge Friday, finally the fifth post

Posted by Jeanne on August 26, 2010

So I had kind of a disappointing weigh in this week – I was up (less than a pound, but still).  I need to really, really watch it on the weekends, I think.

Last Saturday we made some food and went to the roller derby.  We had a lot of fun, but I think I didn’t track very accurately.  Anyway, I am disappointed but I’m not giving up.

Fridge Friday!  I have TOTALLY SUCKED at keeping up with posting.  The weeks have been going so fast, I have been working so much, blah blah blah blah.  I am the Mayor of Excusesville about this blog.

Anyway.  But lo, you have not been abandoned and you shall see pictures of the inside of my fridge again!

I can feel the excitement.

Things of note:  the bag of green-ness on the bottom shelf is Anaheim peppers that will be turned into green chile sauce.

The large-ish container with the black lid on the shelf with the salsa is hummus.  Mmmm, hummus.

The case (yes, case) of Hershey’s bars are for a baking project.

There won’t be much of a recipe this week – we have a tasting tomorrow for my brother-in-law and his fiance’s upcoming wedding, and I have a lot to do this weekend for a catering job Labor Day weekend.

So I think our Fridge Friday feature is going to be… da dum.  Cucumbers dipped in hummus.  That’s all I can manage right now.


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