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The scene of the crime

Posted by Jeanne on August 27, 2010

Or, what does your kitchen look like after you process a bajillion beets?

This is what a bajillion (approximate count only) beets look like right out of the ground:

But the fun part happens later.  I like to wash the beets in a couple changes of water, and then roast them with the skins on.  I put them in a deep baking pan, cover it with foil, and roast them for two hours (less if they are very small, always at least an hour) at 350F, shaking a couple of times.

They come out looking something like this – the photo is a bit dark but they really do darken up quite a bit.

Then the carnage begins.

Yes, that is me and yes, I am wearing an apron and rubber gloves…

As I hack and slice my way through the poor, defenseless beets.

Actually, what I do is rub the skins off (after that much roasting time they slip off easily) and then cut the beets into chunks for freezing or risotto-ing or salad-ing.

Mmmm, beets.

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