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WW, week three and Fridge Friday the sixth

Posted by Jeanne on September 9, 2010

Last Thursday, we drove to Minneapolis with enough food to sink a small ship so I skipped both my Weight Watchers weigh-in and doing a Fridge Friday post.

Today, I was down 4.2 lbs. from my last weigh-in two weeks ago!  Whoot!  Although I must say I was not really expecting that after our decadent weekend, including that amazing dinner at Piccolo.

But hey – I’ll take it.

I have to say, I am a little uncomfortable admitting all in public-like that I am actively trying to lose weight.  It seems kind of… un-foodie. I just finished reading Born Round again, and I’m trying to remember some of the things he talks about near the end of the book – like that the quality of the whatever is the important thing, not the quantity.  I have a difficult time turning down foods I don’t even really LIKE that much.  I’m learning to say “no” to things I don’t want to eat, and to make choices that are smart and not just led by the fact that there is a donut in front of my face.

I seem to have been born with this boundless, endless appetite – and learning the difference between physically full and psychologically satisfied is really, really, really hard.  But I’m trying.

Anyway.  My, I do go on, don’t I?  Want to see the inside of my fridge?

It’s hard to see the item of note this week – but you can kind of see my hot sauce hoarding problem along the right side of the photo.

This is what’s in the glass dish on the top shelf:

Pork jowls!  Nothing like handwritten packages with ominous labels about “special products.”  I’m going to render these and then we’re going to make rillettes again.

2 Responses to “WW, week three and Fridge Friday the sixth”

  1. I’m having extra trouble not eating things I don’t particularly enjoy these days as my tastes have changed since I had a stroke. So I eat things I USED to enjoy, but now don’t. Frustrating!

  2. I like the idea of posting the fridge pics. Helps keep the fridge cleanish. I love to cook and constantly have the leftovers from what I cook, ingredients for what I’m going to cook, and the basic essentials. The result is an out of control jam-packed mess. I’m going to steal your idea for my blog to help hold me accountable to keep the fridge organized!

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