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Daring Kitchen September Challenge: Canning

Posted by Jeanne on September 14, 2010

So this month’s Daring Kitchen challenge is about food preservation – specifically, canning and freezing.  This month’s host is John from Eat4Fun.

I was pretty excited to can things again.  The suggested challenge was apple butter or a jarred bruschetta but the last time we made apple butter I threw most of it away (we aren’t really jam/jelly/preserves people) and any spare tomatoes we have go to tomato sauce.

But it just so happened that the end of August is Hatch chile season.  One of these years I will make it to the festival – but until then I will have to be content with canning my own green chile sauce.

Arty shot of little jars.

We did a batch of tomato sauce at the same time – it was made the day before and I figured if we were going to heat up all that hot water might as well can the tomato sauce as well.

Chopped roasted chiles! I like to roast them dry at 350F for 40 minutes to an hour, then stem, seed, and chop. Clearly not all that careful about the seeds though.  This is about two dozen chiles total.

After the chiles were roasted, I combined them with garlic, onion, cumin, chopped tomatoes, and a bit of water and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Sorry no real recipe for this one – after it simmers, blenderize it until the texture is where you want it.  If it’s too thick, you can add a bit more water.

I used the same citric acid method as in this post – I feel like it gives me a bit of added security, especially when I’m making up recipes by taste and can’t be entirely sure of acid content.

I processed them for 25 minutes in a boiling water bath and now we have green chile sauce for when it’s cold out!  The first batch I made is pretty mild but the second is nuclear hot.

If you see me running around in shorts in the snow sometime circa February 1, blame the chiles and the canning.


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