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Weight watchers week four and Fridge Friday number seven

Posted by Jeanne on September 16, 2010

This was a bad week for Weight Watchers – expected, but still bad.  I didn’t follow the plan and I was rewarded with a good-sized gain.  So.

My one victory was that I wasn’t dishonest about it – I tracked all of it.  The s’mores, the sweet & salty cupcake, the sushi… I may have eaten too much but I didn’t lie to myself about it.  Small victories.

What’s in my fridge today:

I know what you’re saying:  that is not the inside of a fridge.  Those are pumpkins.  And you, you are very perceptive – those are, in fact, pumpkins.

And that is the orange blob on the top shelf – a gallon bag of roasted pumpkin.  I honestly think that’s going to get frozen instead of used right away.  But for the moment, we did make these:

Roasted pumpkin seeds!  Yummy.

We also have these for the weekend:

Figs!  It’s fig season – eeeEEEeee.

Happy almost Friday!  May this week go away and never come back.


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