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Gluten-free baking failure!

Posted by Jeanne on September 18, 2010

I think I should stick to foods that are naturally gluten-free.  Especially desserts.  Like macarons.  Or these awesome cookies.

But no, we had to go bigger and attempt gluten-free flours.

Megan carefully measures flour, not realizing that the double-boiler on the stove contains twice the amount of butter called for in the brownie recipe.  D’oh.

Concave brownies!  I think the gluten-free flour plus the excess of butter together doomed us to overrising, overflowing, and then some burnage.

Also Curt has the camera in some wacky custom manual mode that I can’t figure out so I ended up using the flash.  He was very busy grilling halloumi outside while we were abusing chocolate inside the house.

S’mores cake and cupcakes met a similar fate – but without the excess of butter.  Part of the problem is that there was only supposed to be s’more cupcakes.  The recipe said it would make two dozen.

We had enough batter left over to make a fairly substantial cake when we were done.  What the heck?

Fail.  At least the cake could be “fixed” by topping with homemade whipped cream, honey, and some smoked sea salt.

And the s’more cupcakes.  D’oh.  These are in the freezer – I think we’ll just do a large amount of icing to hide the weird collapsed-ness.

So.  Gluten-free baking:   we need more practice.  They did taste good though – at least there is that.


One Response to “Gluten-free baking failure!”

  1. Lainey said

    way to improvise! sunken-in brownies can’t be that bad though, right?

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