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Posted by Jeanne on October 3, 2010

It’s been a crazy weekend of food awesomeness. Friday night Jeanne Cooks World catered a gallery opening – the food was great, the people were awesome, and (I think) a good time was had by all.

I definitely had fun plating appetizers…

We made rosemary & white bean dip with sage, polenta triangles with goat cheese & red pepper, and antipasti rolls.  The antipasti rolls were a BIG hit – as expected, I suppose. Who doesn’t love prosciutto?

Saturday we went to Nebraska City to get apples and apple stuff.  And also to hang out with Curt’s cousin Brandon and his super-excellent wife Lacey.  I have 25 lbs of apples and not one damn picture to show for the day.  But soon there will be pictures of apple… stuff.  Not sure what yet.

Today, Sunday, I volunteered at the Stored Potential opening exhibition and dinner.

It was a dinner for 500 put on by local chefs to celebrate the banner installation on the old grain silos on 36th and Vinton Streets in Omaha.

It’s really freaking hard to capture the scale of a table for 500 people or to explain the logistics of feeding them.  Especially feeding them 1. Outdoors; 2. With no kitchen; 3. Or even running water; and 4. With a mostly-volunteer staff.  It’s really awe-inspiring what they (we!  I helped!) pulled off today.

And this was no sandwiches and lemonade picnic – it was a phenomenal multi-course meal:

UPDATE:  Thanks to Jenny and Brian for sending me a photo of the actual menu. 

It was fitting tribute to these silos.  I used to drive by them every day on my way to work – they’ve been vacant for ages.  I’ve never, ever been near them though.

They look a lot cooler now than they did then, and I hope this project, the climbing gym project, and the extension of the Field Club Trail past them will mean more people can get up-close and personal with the old silos.  As they become something new again.


3 Responses to “Inspiring”

  1. KayBeeStew said

    Salad with infused vinegars, roasted beets
    *** There were two types of beets: what I think of as normal beets and then little pink beets, all on a bed of watercress. I originally thought the little pink beets were marinated tuna. Hubby got a big surprise… he doesn’t like beets and took me at my word that it was tuna. LOL! poor guy.

    Vegetable course – roasted squash, parsnips, carrots, and a squash puree? I think? They were all really good.
    *** And pumpkin… all of which sat on a bed of polenta. Fabulous!

    Chicken course – chicken roulade on polenta with chicken jus. (This was really good.)
    *** This is where the squash puree was, under the chicken. Very good!

    Pork course – I’m not entirely sure what was on this but I know there was kielbasa and tenderloin. It looked amazing and the parts I tasted were phenomenal.
    *** There was also sticks with some kind of organ meat, tough to chew but incredibly flavorful. Also slabs of what I originally thought was rib meat but once I started to eat it I realized it wasn’t the right cut. Very fatty and tender and amazingly good.

    Bison course – this was a choucroute garnie dish; I didn’t actually get any of the meat and at that point I don’t even really know what was on the plates but the cabbage was amazing.
    *** By this time I was slowing down. So much amazing food! There was roast and sausage-type rolls with mild sourkraut type cabbage and spatzle(sp?).

    Dessert – goat cheese ice cream, apple cobbler, a selection of cupcakes.
    *** One of the cupcakes was a carrot cake type, the other looked like some kind of pumpkin or spice with crumble on top. Although it was all amazing in its own right, the chevre honey icecream threw me off a bit. I have to say it’s the one thing I didn’t care for all day. The apple cobbler was amazing. That’s what I chose after the icecream.

    ***Also… multiple styles of beer, root beer and cider. I’m sorry to say we missed out on the cider. The end table of the table got served cider (we were close to the end) and then we never saw any more. The beer was quite yummy. I’m told there was a pumpkin which I loved, then also a dark, bitter style that I didn’t care for. There was also a sparkling white wine served with the buffalo course that I loved!

    All in all a great day! Thanks so much to all the volunteers! Jeanne… special thanks to you as a friend. What an amazing day Paul and I had!!

    Anyone remember the menu better than I do?

  2. Lainey said

    your appetizers look delicious! again, good seeing you last weekend.

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