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Soup roundup!

Posted by Jeanne on October 5, 2010

I promise you, there will be a post of additional substance soon.  But today is not that day.

First order of business – seriously, leave some comments!  And visit the Kitchen Play site to check out everyone else’s recipes!  Otherwise Breana has a 33.33% chance of winning the cooler and no one wants to see Breana win.

Second order of business – holy crap, it is fall.  Suddenly night seems to be coming much, much earlier and there are only two days where the temperature is forcasted to get anywhere near 80F.

And that means soup weather.  Here are some soups I posted last year:

Chicken tortilla soup

Chicken noodle soup with leeks and chickpeas

Pho!!!!!!! (That may have been slightly undignified.  I like pho, can you tell?)

Olla gitana

Potage Permentier

Portuguese green soup (we actually had some of this last week.  Yum.)

Corn chowder, the first

Italian sausage soup

Thai-inspired curry soup

Sweet potato & corn bisque

And some that I want to try this year:

44 clove garlic soup

Winter squash soup with gruyere croutons

A tomato & black pepper soup that somehow manages to be both smooth and peppery at the same time; the recipe is in a tiny book I got ages ago.

Farro and bean stew

Porcini mushroom soup

Yum.  Soup.  I really hope this winter isn’t as long as last winter – but right now I’m really, really looking forward to lots of soup.


6 Responses to “Soup roundup!”

  1. Jenny said

    I’ve made the 44 garlic clove soup. Its delicious. I cheated and used pre-peeled garlic for the 18 peeled cloves.

    • lesliele said

      I see nothing wrong with this. 😛

      I have a jar of diced garlic in olive oil that I use in recipes!! I go through quite a bit of it, and it sure beats having sticky, garlicky fingertips from peeling and chopping.

  2. Leanne said

    It is already pretty chilly in NY. Which means I’ve already broken out the Le Creuset for both Smoky Corn Chowder and Butternut Sqash Soup. With bread from the farmer’s market, of course.

  3. Jen S said

    SOOOUUUUP! I love soup. Especially the decadent creamy soups. I have bacon and potatoes, so I think a baked potato soup is in my future. With crusty sourdough rolls of course! Oooh or Bread Bowls! Yum.

  4. Hang said

    Jeanne – if you like pho, do you also like congee?

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