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Weight watchers week seven and fridge Friday the ninth

Posted by Jeanne on October 8, 2010

WW was not good.  I’ve not really been watching what I eat, and I twisted my ankle at the Emerging Terrain dinner (serving tables outdoors on a rough surface = not good).  My ankle is still Not Right so I haven’t been working out either.

Maybe I can bike this weekend?  Hm.

I was up 1.2 again and now I am only down half a pound from seven weeks ago, which I suppose is better than potentially up several pounds but still.

Want to see what’s in my fridge?

Lots of stuff.  Of particular interest:

Goose fat!  I’m going to turn it into pie crust.  Maybe THAT is why I am not losing any weight…

Also, to the left: leftover Tuscan baked chicken and beans, which was really, really good and which made phenomenal leftovers too.

Also, spicy mixed pickle – Curt is obsessed.

Happy Friday!  There will be pie soon.  Oh yes, there will be.


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