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An apple a day

Posted by Jeanne on October 12, 2010

I am having another one of those weeks.   Those weeks when the blank WordPress “edit post” screen makes me rue the day I started this blog.  Because, you see, I must write something.  But I am not A Writer and so the words sometimes do not come.

Alas.  I’ll try anyway.

We got a ton of apples!  Not actually a ton.  25 pounds of apples though…

I love this kind of “I’ll get you my pretty – with my poisoned apple!” shot Curt took.

Have I mentioned that I have a fruit problem?  In that I must buy fruit in large quantities?  This is what 25 lbs. of Golden Delicious and 5 lbs. of Fuji apples look like.  On our dining room table.

One of the things I wanted to do was experiment with a dessert pie that isn’t too terribly sweet.  I hate how much sugary, syrupy stuff is in most fruit pies, so I experimented.

Also Jenny claims she doesn’t like crust, and that she only likes apple crumble pie.  One of the core truths to giving away large quantities of food to willing people on an ongoing basis is that it helps if you listen to their preferences.

So I came up with this:

I used cinnamon and garam masala to spice it, just to give it a slightly savory bent.  The crust was unsweetened, and then I topped it with a salted brown sugar and oatmeal topping.  It was pretty darn good, and those apples were phenomenal.

And Jenny even said it was delicious and Jenny is awfully nonplussed about food.  (Thanks for the mention in your blog, Lainey!)


One Response to “An apple a day”

  1. Lainey said

    good luck eating those apples! i got WAY too many last year and couldn’t finish them before they went soft. you have more help though. i always say i want so much of a certain fruit or vegetable i’m sick of it, and it usually happens.

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