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Daring Kitchen October: Dolmades

Posted by Jeanne on October 14, 2010

Epic fail. These look great, smell great… no flavor.  Absolutely NONE.  Totally my fault.

I really shouldn’t mess with recipes for cuisines I don’t make that often. Like Greek food.  Especially Greek food that is rolled in grape leaves which I have never used for anything before… aaaaaah.

Ok.  The filling.  For the meat version, I used some elements of this recipe, and this one, and also this one and this one.  For the vegetarian version, I mostly just used this recipe with a dash of this recipe, but without the pine nuts and raisins – thereby eliminating any flavor.

D’oh.  So that was the first problem.

Leaves!  The grape leaves were the second problem.  Grape leaves are well, leaves – and they tear.  They tear REALLY REALLY EASILY.

Also they are not that big – this is about a tablespoon of filling.  So based on the amount of filling, we made approximately ten million of them.

Rolling rolling rolling…

They look pretty, don’t they?

So I followed the cooking instructions given in this recipe, and cooked them in the crock pot… I probably should have just cooked them in a pot.

The inside view!

We ended up having pizza that night.  Epic cooking fail on my part!  But – lesson learned.

Follow.  The.  Recipe.  Especially the first go-round.

Thanks to the Daring Kitchen for another great challenge!


10 Responses to “Daring Kitchen October: Dolmades”

  1. Donna said

    So glad you’re a part of Daring Cooks – we all learn from each other!

  2. debbie said

    Man, I do stuff like this all the time. When will we ever learn?

    • Jeanne said

      All signs point to “never” because this is definitely not the first time I’ve done it!

      Every time this happens I remember the Top Chef when CJ says “Oh my god, I know what I did wrong. I forgot to add FLAVOR!!!!” in the stew room.

  3. Aw, sorry they didn’t turn out how you wanted, but I think it’s great that you tried adapting the different recipes to create your own unique filling. It’s all a learning process! And I feel your pain with how fragile those little grape leaves are – I had them tearing right and left!

  4. Ruth H. said

    I so do the same thing… I fugure “I cook a lot, I can play with it…” and wind up with something… not like what is is supposed to be. Your rolls did look pretty. And I hope the pizza was good! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  5. Lori said

    Now thats a bummer. A good excuse for pizza though. Cheers!

  6. Jenni said

    Great job, even if they didn’t turn out quite right! I try and mix recipes together, too. Sometimes it works out great, other times, not so much… Our “I screed up dinner” fix is Chipotle, but pizza sounds like a great idea, too!!

  7. lol – I love your humor! Sorry it turned in to a pizza night.

  8. Stuffed Grape Leaves are wonderful. Sorry that it was not a good experience for you. I hope you will try it again and just use my recipe all the way. (The one on Squidoo) I think you will like it!

  9. […] making this souffle the day before the post was to go up.  I figured even if it ended up like my dolmade disaster of October 2010, it might make for an entertaining […]

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