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Weight watchers week eight and fridge Friday the tenth

Posted by Jeanne on October 15, 2010

First up:  the contest expires on Friday the 15th of October at midnight.  This is it, people – your last chance to beat out Breana for the rolling tailgate cooler!  Leave a comment on this post to enter.


I lost 1.2 lbs this week!  I am down… 2 lbs in eight weeks.  Ok, so I am not the biggest loser.  But better down than up, right?  And I have had some very, very difficult weeks.

Still slogging along.  Back to the gym this week, which has sucked (as expected) and also been kind of great (not expected).   I’m sleeping better at least!

What’s in my fridge today?

The usual hot sauce farm, leftovers, giant container of mayo, and boxed chicken stock.

Buried in the produce drawer:

Last zucchini standing.  We’re going to turn it into Thai curry tomorrow.

Coming soon – green tomato jam, canning pie filling, and lobsters!  Happy Friday everyone.

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