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Posted by Jeanne on October 23, 2010

A few months ago Devin came back from the local fish place with a flyer for their on-site catering.  They have one that’s a lobster boil – lobster, crab, shrimp cocktail, and bunch of sides.  I didn’t like the sides they offered and we have been talking about doing a lobsterfest ever since.

So we finally did last Saturday.

This is what our butcher block looks like with eight 1.25 lb lobsters on it:

They were mail-ordered from the nice folks at Lobster Gram and were delivered in a giant foam cooler sometime on Friday.  They come live and are packed with clarified butter and lemons which seems… somewhat cruel.

But really, lobsters are not all that cute and we were just going to cook them anyway.

And cook them we did, in the canning kettle filled with boiling water.

They look much prettier when they’re cooked.  About ten minutes and a nice cold icebath later, they looked like this:

Also, they don’t try to escape by leaping off the counter any more.

The next night, I reheated them by steaming them for a minute or two, again in the canning kettle.

So close…

I look sort of creepy in this photo.

And then it was time for the feast.

I kid you not, there was total seafood annihilation.

Fifteen minutes later.

And the next day, I made two batches of stock with the shells.

And now I have the total princess problem of too much lobster broth – we have several quarts of broth.  I don’t really know what to do with it, but I will refrain from complaining.  Complaining about having too much lobster anything is like complaining about all the piles of money stacking up in your house or about how you are so skinny and pretty you just can’t deal.

So I’ll deal.  It has been very hard going back to eating like a normal person, and perhaps a risotto made with lobster broth will help ease the transition.  Hmmmmm.

One Response to “Lobstahfest”

  1. daphnedel said

    let me know if you figure out something good to do with the stock. annemarie gave me two bags of frozen lobster stock when she left! i haven’t used it yet….

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