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Thanksgiving 2010: The Plan

Posted by Jeanne on November 16, 2010

It’s almost here!  The most wonderful holiday of the year is almost here!

So – what are we making?

Beet, goat cheese & arugula salad with caper vinaigrette – the beets will be roasted, chopped, and chilled a couple days before.  The vinaigrette will be made up the day of.  I like the look of this recipe.  I would use lemon juice and rice vinegar instead of red wine vinegar though – mostly because we never ever have red wine vinegar.

Butternut squash and beet green gratin – based on this recipe, but using the tops of the beets rather than spinach.  No wasting the greens!

Mashed potatoes – there are a ton of recipes for “jazzed up” mashed potatoes out there; I like to keep it simple.  Potatoes (yukon golds and/or red potatoes), half and half, butter, salt, pepper.

Green bean casserole – yes, I know.  The traditional recipe for green bean casserole is full of cream of whatever soup and is mushy and soggy and its only redeeming quality is the french-fried onions on top. I kind of hate it.

But.  Green bean casserole is an essential element of the Thanksgiving leftover bowl – the combination of everyone in one bowl, then covered in black pepper and nuked until steaming hot.  I think you need it to hold everything together.

So I make my own sauce and use frozen, not canned, green beans.  Something like this recipe.

Dressing – I really don’t know what I’m going to do this year.  Anyone have a favorite recipe?  I have been disappointed with the dressing I’ve made the past couple of years.

I might try this recipe, or maybe this one.

Cranberry-orange sauce – something like this recipe, but without the ginger ale. I want it more thick than a “dipping sauce.”

Turkey – must have turkey.  This year I am getting a free-range broad breasted bird (not a heritage breed) from Watterman Family Farm in West Point, Nebraska.  It was ordered through the Nebraska Food Cooperative.

I’ll brine the turkey in cider – here is a recipe similar to the method we’ll use.

Gravy – I don’t really like gravy.  I know, I am horrible and evil.  I make gravy with a roux base and add giblet stock and lots and lots of pan drippings.

Dessert – I’m not making dessert!  Whoot!  My mother-in-law uses her mother’s pie recipe (or maybe her grandmother’s pie recipe?) and usually makes apple and pumpkin pies.  Yum.

So.  What are you making?  What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

And don’t judge me for the Thanksgiving leftover bowl; you have weird Thanksgiving food habits of your own.  I know you do.


8 Responses to “Thanksgiving 2010: The Plan”

  1. Megan said

    I am not sure if we can be friends anymore if you do not like gravy. You need my grandma’s gravy to change your mind. I will try to steal some this year for you to try.

  2. On the dressing: in my view, it should have white bread, onions, celery, a splash of milk, and – above all else – Bell’s Seasoning.

    … and it should be referred to as “stuffing.”

  3. daphnedel said

    i am so jealous of your free range bird. my sis is bringing one. prolly a butterball or something of the sort.

    this year i am trying some new recipes (turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and maybe the fennel gratin) from the recent bon apetit and mixing it up with the old faithfuls (graham cracker fluff, sweet potato casserole, and the dreaded green bean casserole…your gbc looks better but i’m not sure the fam would stand for it). i am a little nervous about trying new recipes on thanksgiving, but don’t want to try them now because you can only eat so much stuffing and cranberry sauce in a quarter. what should i do???

    • Jeanne said

      I try new recipes on Thanksgiving – but we aren’t that wedded to certain dishes that Must Always Be There.

      What is graham cracker fluff??? That sounds fascinating!

  4. anotheryarn said

    Well, I’ve been making a cornbread stuffing, err, dressing, from The New Best Recipe (page 371, but I add diced apple and dried cranberries) for a few years now. I think I could serve only that and everyone but me would be happy. It takes way more effort than the recipe I remember making with my mom, however I can do it all the day before and just pop the dish in the oven the day of so that is nice. I love the recipe but I’m actually itching to try a new recipe, but I’ll have to pick another occasion to do that.

  5. Naomi said

    Stove Top! (Oh, but that’s for Franzia thanksgiving…)

  6. Breana said

    Andria and I will be making a version of this recipe but with whatever we can find in the garden or in the freezer. I predict it will be bacon and kale. 🙂

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