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Top Chef All-Stars

Posted by Jeanne on November 30, 2010

Those of you that know me in real life probably already know this – but here is confession time.  I love reality TV.  Mostly the competition shows (although I have vowed to quit watching the Show That Shall Remain Nameless after they switched networks and totally picked the wrong winner last season.  Mondo forevah!  Ahem.) although I have been known to watch others just for the drama.

I have watched every season of Top Chef, to varying degrees of appreciation.  I think this last season was not all that great, but there was no way Season 7  was going to be better than Season 6.  I mean really – Voltaggios v. Beardface finale!  So great.  Also, I think Top Chef:  Just Desserts was sort of a weird concept and I will be slightly surprised if they get a second season.  Although Yigit seems like a sweet guy and Gail Simmons is FABULOUS.

I am way off track!  Where was I?  Oh yes, Top Chef All-Stars.  I CANNOT WAIT.  The cast is spectacular:

Season 1:  Tiffani Faison, Stephen Asprinio

(I am curious as to whether Stephen is a better cook now.  This is a tough crowd and the skills he showed in Season 1 were a bit unpolished.  I think Tiffani is going to Bring It.)

Season 2:  Marcel Vigneron, Elia Aboumrad

(Marcel still looks like a garlic bulb.  I hope he’s got his head a bit less up his ass this season.)

Season 3:  Dale Levitski, Casey Thompson, Tre Wilcox

(I am interested to see what Tre can bring to the competition after his “controversial” Restaurant Wars elimination.  Also if poor Casey can chop an onion now.)

Season 4:  Antonia Lofaso, Richard Blais, Spike Mendelsohn, Dale Talde

(Blais for the win!  I’m not sure why Spike is on this show except that he and Dale butt heads a lot and that means good TV?)

Season 5:  Jamie Lauren, Fabio Viviani, Carla Hall

(Fabio is always super-entertaining.  I hope Carla makes more pastry dough and they actually show her doing it so I can learn something.)

Season 6: Jennifer Carrol, Michael Isabella

(I’m not a huge Mike fan but I really liked Jen.  I think she kind of crumbled at the end, but she held her own for quite a few challenges against the toughest competitors ever seen on Top Chef – the Voltaggios and Kevin.)

Season 7:  Angelo Sosa, Tiffany Derry

(Angelo is weird.  I really, really liked Tiffany and I think she’s genuinely talented.)

My money’s on Blais with a tie for second between Jennifer and Tiffany.  I think they’re all great competitors and amazingly talented, and I really can’t wait to see what comes out of those kitchens.

Also, I pray they do the mise en place challenge early in the season, and that Casey can chop an onion better now than during Season 3.

Top Chef Masters premiers Wednesday, December 1 at 10PM EST/9 PM CST.  Will you be watching?  Who are you rooting for?


4 Responses to “Top Chef All-Stars”

  1. Carla DeVelder said

    ooooohhhh…I think Blaise has to be the front runner but I’m rooting for Jennifer although I love me some Fabio, Carla & Tiffany. I will never warm up to Tiffani, Angelo is a freak, and Spike is on there only because he is outrageous. Marcel is a tool and Mike Isabella is insufferable (but he grows on you a bit). I foresee much loss productivity at work!

    Also, TOTALLY TEAM MONDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Curt said

    Did Bravo pay you money for this post? 🙂

    Blaise FTW!!!!1!

  3. Theresa said

    but Marcel does look like a garlic bulb…

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