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WW Week 1 and Fridge Friday the Fourteenth

Posted by Jeanne on December 3, 2010

Oh what a week!  Weight Watchers unveiled its new plan in meetings on Sunday and online on Monday.  The website was flooded on Monday and hard to use, but they’ve basically recalibrated the whole program.

Some people like it.  Some people hate it.  At this point I’m just trying to learn how to do it!  So that’s why I am calling this week 1.   Also because the last time I weighed in was in October.

I gained 1 lb. during that time so really, I’m going to call it a success and a good time to restart.

Want to see what’s in the fridge?

Much, much less stuff than last time!  The Thanksgiving leftovers are gone.

Curt bought eggnog (blech) – it’s in the black carton next to the water pitcher.  Thankfully he will drink it and I don’t have to have any of it!

Top shelf:  tamale filling!  We’re doing a large clean out the freezer, and there was a hunk of Mexican-spiced pulled pork in the bottom.  I roasted chunks of butternut squash that were rubbed with olive oil and chipotle powder for about 40 minutes at 350F until they were nice and soft.

Tomorrow, I’ll mix up some mole sauce and throw the whole thing into some tamales.  Yum.

Oh – Top Chef!  The premiere was AWESOME but I’m disappointed that Blais kind of looks like a cheater.  Still rooting for him for now.  Sad about Elia but it seemed like she didn’t understand why the dish was bad the lsat time and didn’t change it that much.  Plus serving raw fish when your stated intention was to serve a cooked fish entree is not good.

I think Stephen is next to go.  He does not have the line chops of most of these people and it is going to come back and bite him.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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