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GF for LF: Days two and three

Posted by Jeanne on January 3, 2011



Breakfast:  Steak & eggs – homemade home fries, leftover steak from new years’ eve, scrambled eggs.

Cholula hot sauce appears to be gluten-free (from the intertubes) but I’m not 100% sure – the label is a little ambiguous.

Lunch:  More Pacific creamy tomato soup.  I heart soup.

Dinner:  Arroz con pollo, based on this recipe but changed up a bit because we had boneless, skinless thighs.


Breakfast:  Coffee with milk.  I am at a complete loss as to what to eat for breakfast if it isn’t toast, apparently.

Lunch:  leftover arroz con pollo, spinach salad, Archer Farms light ginger sesamedressing (appears may be GF but not 100% clear; no wheat, only soy, on the allergen listing)

Dinner:  kung pao tofu (check your soy sauce carefully, most brands have gluten as an additive.  I’ve been told that LaChoy is GF, or you can buy gluten-free tamari), brown rice

This is a lot more challenging than I thought it would be!

Anyone have ideas for what I should eat for breakfast?


6 Responses to “GF for LF: Days two and three”

  1. Laura said

    Chex (rice, corn, cinnamon, honey nut, & chocolate) are gf. Pamelas has an AMAZING pancake mix and trader joes has gf granola (I love it with vanilla yogurt!). Hope that helps!

  2. Brooke said

    A friend who is gluten free loves this website:

    Also, we have a gluten free section of our grocer…maybe a good place to look if you need inspiration.

  3. Carla DeVelder said

    Fruit for breakfast. Kind Bars.

    • Jeanne said

      Ah, the apple a day lady speaks.

      I am stuck in a toast rut. Or was. Now I am stuck in a no-breakfast rut. I used to do bananas but the sugar spikes and crashes were not fun…

  4. Carla DeVelder said

    Try here also:

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