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GF for LF – Days 10 and 11

Posted by Jeanne on January 11, 2011

Snow day!


Breakfast:  lemony pancakes (posted here)

Lunch:  Shearer’s Tangos veggie chips, salsa.  Mixed greens with beets, feta, capers, and balsamic vinaigrette.  (Not exactly a banner lunch…)

Dinner:  corn and potato chowder.  SO GOOD!  I’ll totally make it again.  Since it had the Old Bay Seasoning, I added a half-dozen shrimp too and it was yummy.


Breakfast:  Brown rice thing.

Lunch:  Leftover channa masala and Basmati rice from Sunday night.

Dinner:  mapo tofu, more brown rice.  We had two jars of the bean paste in the fridge and one had wheat in it and the other did not.  Very strange.  Oh, and one very gluteny frozen egg roll.  For some reason I was dying for a frozen egg roll.

I am going to turn into rice this week.  I think tomorrow I might brave the gluten-free bread I bought at Trader Joe’s on Friday of last week and have an egg sandwich at work for breakfast.  Maybe.

Random gluten free things I learned:

Everything on the Taco Bell menu except the pintos & cheese has gluten.  Even the corn tortillas and corn chips contain gluten.  Even the MEAT contains gluten.  Taco Bell grosses me out even more now.

Crystal Jade has a gluten free menu (opens in PDF).

Want to know what is with all the GF for LF posts?  See the explanation here.


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