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GF for LF – days 14 and 15

Posted by Jeanne on January 16, 2011


Breakfast:  0.5 C Fage plain yogurt, 0.25 C Udi gluten-free vanilla granola. I liked this one better – it reminded me more of “regular” granola because it’s oat-based.

Lunch:  Leftover mapo tofu, rice, spinach salad, sesame-ginger vinaigrette (Mapo is now thankfully gone.  Was getting very sick of it, even though I love it.)

Dinner:  Indian food at Dhaba.  I had the mixed grill and Curt had chicken tikka masala. Delicious and *should* have been gluten-free though I didn’t ask.  Except for the naan…


Breakfast:  one slice of brown rice bread, laughing cow cheese, one egg scrambled, one slice of Canadian bacon.

Lunch:  leftover happy family from Wednesday’s jaunt to Crystal Jade.

Dinner:  roast chicken & potatoes, spinach salad, balsamic vinaigrette.

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