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GF for LF – days 23 and 24

Posted by Jeanne on January 25, 2011


Breakfast:  Coffee.  Mexican scramble at the diner, which was hash browns, ground meat, black beans, cheese, red and green chile sauce, and two eggs.  Rocked.  Also toast (of which I had one slice… fail) and my friend got a blueberry pancake which I had to try (even greater fail as not even my food).

I suck at GF restaurant breakfast.  Why did I just… not eat the damn toast?  Dumb.

Lunch:  Spring mix, feta cheese, balsamic vinaigrette.  I am so glad cheese is GF.

Dinner:  Chile lime tofu + greens + quinoa.  From this recipe.  We used beet greens/chard that we froze over the summer for the greens.  Very good.


Breakfast:  Coffee, Fage yogurt, Udi’s gluten-free granola.

Lunch:  leftover cassoulet & mashed potatoes from Saturday night.

Dinner:  baked fish sticks (made with halibut and breaded with egg and almond flour), mashed potatoes, glazed carrots.

The awful weather has me in a mashed potato mood, it seems.

I think I’m done with GF for LF.  I made it to the last week, but I’m out of steam and my blog is becoming a desperately boring account of what I had for lunch. 

In summary, it’s a LOT harder to be gluten free than it seems.  Gluten lurks in hidden places.  If I had an actual gluten allergy, I would be sick all the time for months while I tried to figure out how to do it.


One Response to “GF for LF – days 23 and 24”

  1. Theresa said

    Amen sister. Hee. Seester!

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