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The week of sloth

Posted by Jeanne on February 9, 2011

Winter may never end.  Send fruit.  So what are we eating during the winter of never-endingness?  I haven’t done a meal-planning post in awhile, because they’re sort of boring but my brain is currently frozen so it’ll have to do.

Sunday:  made chili.  Did not watch Super Bowl or commercials, but I did have two beers.

Monday:  takeout Chinese.  Failure of imagination due to cold.

Tuesday:  tamales, from freezer.  Black beans, tortilla chips, lots of salsa.

Wednesday:  lentils and rice, with pork, and some sauteed steelhead.

Thursday:  pasta with mushroom ragu.

Friday:  turkey pot pie?  It’s in the freezer.  Although maybe my brain will have defrosted by then and I’ll be able to cook again…

Stay warm, people.

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