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Cachapas de Venezuela (corn pancakes)

Posted by Jeanne on February 16, 2011

There is something about breakfast for dinner that is just awesome.

This is a dish that I’ve had several times in Minneapolis – we usually go to Victor’s but Maria’s also has a huge following.  Both offer corn pancakes that are amazing, and apparently loyalties are divided.

I don’t live in Minneapolis so I am stuck making them here for myself.  The author of this recipe specifically forbids the use of frozen corn, but it’s February and sometimes you just need pancakes, dammit.  So please know that while I am breaking the rules, I do it only out of desperation.

Cachapas de Venezuela (Corn Pancakes from Venezuela), inspired by this recipe.

4 cups frozen corn kernels, thawed

2 TB flour

0.25 C sugar

2 – 4 TB milk

0.5 tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

A large non-stick skillet

In a food processor, pulse corn kernels for a few minutes.  Add remaining ingredients and process until batter is smooth.

Warm the skillet over medium to medium-high heat.  Add batter in 0.25 C scoops.  Turn when golden brown on the bottom – when the top bubbles and it looks dry on top of the corn cake.  Be gentle – they’re delicate and really tough to flip.

But when you succeed?  Magic.

Serve immediately, topped with queso fresco or cream cheese if you so desire.  We just put some butter on them.

We had them with my at-home approximation of the veggie skillet, eggs scrambled, that I ate about ten million times at Village Inn when I was in high school.  Hurrah for breakfast for dinner!


2 Responses to “Cachapas de Venezuela (corn pancakes)”

  1. daphnedel said

    you did it! i gotta try this recipe. i think it’ll be better than the one i tried.

  2. Carla DeVelder said

    Love me some corn cakes. Generally dislike this publication but got a recipe in there so I shouldn’t judge.—Guacamole

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