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Shrove Tuesday

Posted by Jeanne on March 8, 2011

Did you call it Shrove Tuesday as a kid?  We did not.  The day before Ash Wednesday was known only as the day before Ash Wednesday, when we were required to go to mass and priests would smear dirt on our heads.

I recall that they would say, “Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”  Which, while true, is kind of a creepy thing to tell large groups of small children.  But the day before was nothing special.

Now, I know this day as Mardi Gras, a last hurrah of sorts, but I’m in Nebraska, not New Orleans.  So this year I’m going to go with Shrove Tuesday instead.  Apparently today is supposed to be a day of repentance, and also of eating up all the fatty, sugary things in preparation for fasting during Lent.  So people would make pancakes.

I’m not one to resist pancakes and bacon for dinner, so off we went.

I used the buttermilk pancakes recipe from Joy of Cooking, and Curt made some bacon.

Mmmm, bacony.

And thus passed Tuesday evening at our house.  To dust I shall return or not, it was a good dinner.


One Response to “Shrove Tuesday”

  1. Theresa said

    I’ve never heard of Shrove Tuesday. And had only heard of Fat Tuesday in college. Did we miss out on all the pancake dinners we could eat growing up?

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