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True confessions

Posted by Jeanne on April 3, 2011

I barely cooked at all last week.  I blame the aftermath of pork-a-palooza, and the days and days of cooking that went into the event.  So yes, we have had grilled cheese and tomato soup more than once in the past 7 days.  It happens, right?

Also the running.  I am very much looking forward to this event taking place, so that I can have a bit more of my weekends back.  The difference in how I feel later in the day when I run 5 miles vs. when I run 8+ is staggering.

Plus I am incredibly, incredibly slow so it takes a Damn Long Time (official timekeeper results) for me to run more than 8 miles.  Anyway.  One more month.

Dinners this week:

Salmon sliders with cilantro/lime mayo, roasted carrots & yellow squash (sandwiches carried over from last week)

Chicken & chorizo tamales, rice & black beans (made today – we have five more batches in the freezer!  I love tamale day.)

Jerk spiced tilapia, mashed sweet potatoes

Pasta with spinach and Italian sausage (spinach was supposed to be salad last week)

Shrimp & green bean soba

Chicken, leek, and chickpea soup

Not the most exciting week.  Hopefully you’ll forgive the lack of many substantive posts until the race is over.

Ohhh!  Something exciting though.  Spring really is coming:

Asparagus!  It is growing like crazy – these two were there this morning, and then this afternoon there was another one.


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