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Fridge Friday – boring training edition

Posted by Jeanne on April 8, 2011

I will cook something again.  Soon. But for now most of what I do is eat, sleep, and run and the sleeping and running are taking up so much time that there is very little cooking going on for the eating.

Want to see what’s in the fridge?

Not much of interest.

Sport drank.  The Costco version of Gatorade – it comes in a 24-pack of three flavors:  lemon-lime, fruit punch, and orange.  I tend to think of them as more colors than flavors though, yellow, red, and orange.  Hooray for orange, you consistent little bugger!

Pineapple.  I couldn’t stand the lack of fresh fruit any more.  So excited spring is almost here.

Maybe this weekend I’ll cook something!  One can only hope, right?


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