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To the surprise of almost no one, the world does not end

Posted by Jeanne on May 22, 2011

But we definitely partied like there was no tomorrow.  I made Juicy Lucy burgers stuffed with cheddar and blue cheese, and a huge pan of macaroni and cheese (apparently, my End of Days food is cheese).  Megan made a quadruple batch of toffee sauce and there were cookies and bacon and chips to dip in it.

Carla made king crab nachos, T made deviled eggs, Erika made sangria and dip for all the chips, Niz made pasta with pesto and peas.  Jenny made rhubarb margaritas and several bad decisions involving Bulleit Rye, and sometime circa 11 PM the coffee-toffee-whiskey was invented.

A good time was had by all.  I went to a baby shower on Saturday and then figured I should make a meal plan for the week, seeing as how there was no rapture and all.

Vaguely Asian flank steak, braised baby bok choy

Channa masala, spiced brown rice, naan

Chicken piccata, spaghetti

Italian sausage, white bean, farro… thing.  I’m still coming up with this one.

Chicken enchiladas (freezer)

Gumbo (freezer)

Ok, so neither the most original menu nor the most exciting, but we’ll be fed and it’s all easy to make stuff.

Happy apocalypse not, everyone!

2 Responses to “To the surprise of almost no one, the world does not end”

  1. I love idea this so much… I might have to steal it for the next rapture.

  2. Na said

    I heart you. So sad I missed the party but not sad about the lack of spins!

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