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A delicious wedding

Posted by Jeanne on June 19, 2011

A couple of months ago, my friend Naomi’s friend Claire contacted me about possibly catering her wedding.   Naomi and Claire both live in Minneapolis, but the wedding was to take place on a ranch/retreat center near Watertown, South Dakota.  It’s still under construction, and the facilities are very limited – fridge, running water, electricity, coffee maker.  No stove, definitely no serious kitchen.

Thankfully, we knew this ahead of time and planned the menu accordingly. The bride and groom made arrangements for someone to haul in an enormous grill and make steaks for everyone, leaving us with the apps, sides, and dessert.  This is how Carla, who traveled to the wedding with me, felt about this:

The grill guys told us they were relieved not to have our job, and we felt the same about theirs – everyone did what they were good at, and I think we were able to pull it off.  The bride and groom were happy, and that is the most important part!


Dried apricots with chevre & pistachios

Marinated feta, olives, roasted peppers, roasted garlic, marinated artichokes + selection of flatbreads

Soup shooter duo – chilled corn chowder with chive oil & chilled zucchini soup with fresh basil

Smoked salmon, capers, creme fraiche, onions, tomatoes + baguette

The groom and flower girl peruse the appetizer selection.

(aside:  what is going on with my fonts here?  Why can’t I get a consistent font?  WordPress, sometimes you are a mystery to me.)


Potato gratin (this one was very stressful, as it had to be cold during transport for safety reasons, but was to be served hot.  We warmed it with sternos and prayers to the gods of cooking.  It worked!)

Couscous salad with grilled summer vegetables, olives, capers, and pistachios

Haricots verts salad with shallot & tarragon vinaigrette

Caprese panzanella

Assorted rolls


Brownie tarts, topped with either honey-candied pecans or dark-chocolate covered pomegranate

Pound cake with balsamic-roasted strawberry sauce

Cheesecake bites with fresh berries and honey

Thanks to Tom for the app/side pictures, and to Kate for the dessert pictures!  And thanks to Claire and Darren for letting Jeanne Cooks World be a part of your day.

4 Responses to “A delicious wedding”

  1. Claire said

    Jeanne! & Carla were AMAZING! Jeanne Cooks World truly did a beautiful job making our guests happy with all the delectables. Delicious, healthy, beautifully displayed, thoughtful catering. Thank you thank you!

    This, too, from Darren’s aunt:
    Loved the menu !*!*!* esp the apricots with goat cheese…my favorite ! It was good NOT to see carrots and celery… Darren and Claire knocked some of the “hayseed” out of that crowd !!.. Yippee for them!! and for us!

    With gratitude,
    Claire DeBerg

  2. Shari DeBerg said

    Mother of the groom….I loved this food. It was OUTSTANDING! Thank you so much!

  3. Your food looks really good! If you need any catering equipment you should check out

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