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Posted by Jeanne on July 15, 2011

The AP Stylebook has a whole section on writing about food.  Maybe I should pick up a copy and see what I’m doing wrong?

I’m obsessed with Korean food (again? still?).  Molly at Orangette is into it.   Beyond Kimchee and Bap Story aren’t helping, but they are helping me believe I can make it myself.

You know what else I am obsessed with?  Homemade pizza.  Still using this dough, because it is the best I’ve tried, hands down.

Trouble figuring out breakfast?  Check out this handy flowchart.

Off to the Asian market so that I can make some fabulous Korean this weekend!  Happy Friday everyone.


One Response to “Linkies”

  1. Carla DeVelder said

    Why can’t you do it? Of course you can! I will assist! Solidarity in the kitchen (and eat the failures and tell no one)!

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